Our Services

Our Services

IST Corporate Performance Management Private Limited is business consultants and IT outsourcing company. IST is here to endure the burden of your Enterprise core business operations with proven domain knowledge, functionality, scalability and reliability. It is a right company for automation of your business processes where you can find a lot of alternate solutions. We are driven by a passion to help our clients build robust, more agile and more innovative business. We have team of dedicated professionals with an average experience of almost 10 years in business and IT consulting. IST provides cost effective solution that are successfully implemented in diversified industries.

Services by iST

Network designing, IP addressing and setup of company infrastructure from Scratch

  1. Setup of Networking
    • a. LAN Setup
    • b. WAN setup
    • c. Branch office connectivity over Fiber
    • d. Inter office connectivity
    • e. Setup of Firewall and DMZ for hosting Web servers, Application servers, Mail servers
    • f. VPN setup includes – SITE TO SITE VPN and client to site VPN
  2. Setup of Servers (Windows 2012/2016) which includes:
    • a. Active Directory Domain
    • b. DNS
    • c. DHCP
    • d. Hyper V – Virtualization setup (VMs, VM Replication etc.)
    • e. File / Folder Replication setup (Peer to Peer or Hub and Spoke) using DFS replication
  3. Database Setup – SQL server 2012, 2016, 2017
    • a. Basic Database server setup
    • b. Database Replication (Peer to Peer, Transactional replication)
    • c. Database mirror – Online (Failover scenarios)
    • d. Database Encryption at Rest (TDE)
    • e. SQL Server Reporting services, Integration Services
  4. IP Telephony Solutions – Asterisk based
    • a. Call forwarding
    • b. IVR setup
    • c. Setup of SIP trunks, with a cost effective and efficient solution to replace legacy PTCL PSTN system.
    • d. Conference calling setups
    • e. Unlimited phone extensions.
    • f. Country-wide IP phone setup over Extended LAN (existing network)connecting multiple servers
    • g. Setup of phone extension on Mobile devices using WIFI LAN
    • f. Setup of extensions on Laptops/Desktops etc.
  1. Setup of SharePoint 2010 / 2013 or 2016
    • a. designing deployment scenarios / farm
    • b. Setup of DR scenarios using SQL server mirroring and auto failover
    • c. Backup of lists, document libraries etc.
    • d. Development of out of the box features i.e. Document libraries, Content Search Engine, Lists etc.
    • e. Connecting SharePoint with SQL server reporting services
    • f. Development of BI dashboards
    • g. developing workflow applications using out of the box capabilities of SharePoint i.e. Leave management, Billing System, Time Management System etc.
  2. Working on SQL reporting to connect any back end application for extended reporting, mobile reporting and dashboards
  3. Connecting Microsoft POWER BI to existing applications to develop dashboards
  4. IBM Domino based solutions/Consulting
    • a. Setup of Server (First Server in domain)
    • b. Replication of data and applications, additional server
    • c. Domino Clustering setups
    • d. Domino as an E-mail server for internal and external mail routing
    • e. Workflow automation, development of applications etc
  1. Setup of Symantec Endpoint Protection etc
  2. Development of IT Policies & Procedures
  3. Disaster Recovery site Advisory / Designing & Implementation
  4. Devising DR Plan
  5. Network Infrastructure reviews

We are planning to offer services of an IT Consulting Panel on very nominal cost to our valuable customers to help them in their IT related important and strategic decisions like:

  1. Development of IT Strategy
  2. Alignment of existing IT strategy with their Business Strate
  3. Selection of Key IT Resources
  4. Selection of most appropriate software solution
  5. Investment on Infrastructure or Hardware
  6. Developing Security Policies
  7. Overall Automation related services